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beach wedding theme decorations

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Best bollywood theme party idea in latest bollyTheme party at Karma Lakeland golf resort 09891478560

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at Karma Lakelands: Golf Resort in Gurgaon near Delhi NCR DG event .in 09891478560 09891478183 bollywood theme party dress ideas bollywood theme party invitation bollywood theme party props bollywood theme party dress ideas female bollywood theme party names bollywood theme party dress ideas male bollywood theme party games bollywood theme party female characters Bollywood Theme Party Ideas. If you are a movie buff, Bollywood theme party is just for you. It is one of the most interesting themes for any kind of parties. This article on Kitty Groups Onlinewill bring some nice and interesting Bollywood Theme Party Ideas. Bollywood Theme Party Ideas for Invitations For your Bollywood party invitations, cut out the shape of a star and then write “You’re invited” in the middle of the star. You can also make your party invitations in a movie ticket shape, a film camera and clapboard. One novel idea is to create your party invitations on clear CDs and simply write your party message in permanentblack marker. Bollywood Theme Party Ideas for Decoration and Dresscode Have your Bollywood party decorations in red, gold, silver and black colors. Play movie tunes in the background. You don’t need to have lots and lots of decorations for Bollywood theme party. Whatever party decorations you are going to have-they must convey glamour and stardom. Roll out a long red material for “red carpet” leading to your front door. Put celebrity posters on the walls. Ask the guests to come dressed as their favorite Bollywood star. Bollywood Theme Party Ideas For Games and Activities Party Game #1 Bollywood Tambola These bollywood theme tambola tickets are designed in a shape of a CD which includes different dividends best relevant to Bollywood. Made on good quality board these tambola tickets can make your ladies kitty party a super hit for sure. The dividends in this designer tambola are also made creatively.  This is an interesting  tambola to be played even if you are throwing a retro theme kitty party. I am sure all your kitty members will like this tambola game. These housie tickets are available for sale in the packets of 20, 30, 40 and 60 pieces. Leave a comment below if you want to buy these tambola tickets. Party Game # 2 Headlines : This is a paper game. Give everyone a pen and a piece of paper that says “Movie Stars Arrive at Oscars” on the top. Start a timer and see how many words your guests can make out of letters from the given headline in 5 minutes. Count the words up. Guests receive one point for each word. The person with the most points wins a prize. Game-3 Kiss the star : Get a poster of a famous actor or actress before the party and stick it on a board. At game time, blindfold the players one by one. Spin them around, and ask them to kiss the lips of the movie star. Whoever gets the closest – wins! Game-4 Movie Scenes : Write down famous lines from the movies, and have the ladies take turns reading the lines. Have the other guests try to name the movie and the actor who originally said the line. Game-5 Passing the parcel quiz : Ask the guests to sit in a circle. Become the he DJ for the evening and look the other way and start the tunes. When the music starts, the players pass around a small box. Inside the box are slips of paper with movie trivia written on them. When the music stops, the person holding the box opens it, picks a slip of paper, and tries answering the question. If he/she can’t he/she is out of the game. The game continues in this manner until there is only person left. Party Game #6 Movie Maker : This is a team game. Divide your guests in teams and give few items like small dolls, toys, stationary and animals etc kept in a paper bag. Ask them to make a 5 minutes movie story including all of the items given in the bag. You can also ask them to coin a name for their movie. As a variation, you may give them the combination of the names of some Actors and movies and ask them to act according to the given combination. For example, the combinations could be Rajesh Khanna in the movie Dil to pagal hai, ShahRukh Khan in the movie Gadar etc. Try to make the combinations as funny as possible.

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pink colour light themed for wedding in garden

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Gurgaon Delhi Ncr Bhiwadi faridabad neemrana alwar gurugram Northern india dharuhera haryana Rewari Dlf

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